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 by Jinha Chung
Small Claims Court Settlement Conference

I am very thankful and pleased with the services of Ask Legal. Ask Legal represented my business in a Small Claims Court Settlement Conference with professionalism and the necessary details. Ask Legal has provided an excellent guidance and advice throughout the Small Claims Process. Ask Legal has a specific knowledge and expertise in this domain and I highly recommend Ask Legal to anyone seeking this type of legal service.

 by Gnei Yoganathan
Landlord tenant dispute

Working with ASK Legal was a delight. Not only did we win the case but he went above and beyond for considering our family’s situation during the pandemic as we are front line workers. Scheduling with him was easy. He also supported our timing when a member of our family suddenly past away and we are grateful for that. Their fees are reasonable considering how helpful they are. Professional, accountable and genuinely caring the team at Ask Legal supported us in this case in many ways and we 100% recommend others to work with them. Thank you !

 by Carl D

I recently had a legal case in landlord & tenant board and I can tell you that this legal firm has made me feel as a tenant that my rights should be respected and thought of. At first starting this process to bring my landlord to court I was apprehensive and I bit scared and if anyone is feeling that way or thinks making a case will only be in the favour of the Landlord. “PLEASE PLEASE RETHINK YOUR THOUGHT” because Anthony of ASK Legal works for the person that he’s taken on the case for, and believes everyone has the right to a fair trial or mediation...he goes above and beyond to try and get you the best results. I read reviews before calling Anthony and based on the amazing reviews about him I made the call and I’m telling anyone to not hesitate to do the same and don’t look at the few dollars it may cost because I’ve tried other ways and even thought to proceed myself but it’s more then worth every little penny because he does more for you and makes you feel safe, confident, and that your voice will be heard..... Thank you sooooo much for taking time to help me and I will only recommend you/ANTHONY to anyone going through things whether your a tenant or a good landlord that’s getting the run around also....

Carl D

 by Gas Station Owner, GTA
Defending Charges

My gas station was charged with provincial offences which had to do with negligence in my employee selling products when not supposed to. We were not guilty of this. We found Anthony of ASK Legal as a referral from another Gas Station owner who he had won the same type of charge for and he defended us. We went through a Crown and Judicial Pre-trial, before having to go to a trial in the Provincial Court House. Throughout the whole process and to trial, Anthony of ASK legal defended the case very well and during trial he examined each aspect of our defence to the charges, as we were not guilty. He highlighted all of the main points and made legal submissions to the Judge with law at the end verbally, and in writing. We won the case. I have recommended him to many of my colleagues for defending against any charges. Thank you

 by Tina Levins
Won my case right away!

I was under so much stress with considering the possible outcomes of my case. After contacting ASK Legal for the first time, I knew I was in good hands. I could tell that Anthony really cared and that he was an expert in his field. Anthony laid out all of the possible outcomes and was well prepared to argue on my behalf for all. He won my case right away and I couldn't be more pleased!! Thank you again Anthony, for your diligence and care in the preparation and execution of my case

 by H. R.
Above expectations Legal Representation

Anthony of ASK Legal is a man is on the path of honesty and justice. He really helps people out. My parents let in these tenants in who lied with their reference, and actually were evicted also from previous place for reasons such as : avoiding rent, causing damages, causing nuisance, and intimidating and threatening that landlord.But we found out after they moved in. And guess what those guys did? those exact sames things i mentioned and more. Then we tried to evict them our selves , and our letter was rejected, and our time was wasted. Stressed out of my mind fear for my family's sanity and safety , by GOD'S miracle this man, Anthony of ASK Legal, was sent to our family. He gave us all the legal advice and helped prepare the forms - he does all the work WITH YOU. He does not leave you hanging at all. As soon as we hired him and when my mom who wasn't able to sleep in nights because of them got her first rest of sleep. The process is long, but Anthony does everything in his power to make it fast and smooth as possible. This man Anthony of ASK Legal will come with you IN court as well. Even for our court date he doesn't just do anything half heartedly or half way. He tries to look at every possible section of the law and makes your case strong so that your tenants cant avoid any loops holes. BELIEVE ME IT IS NOT WORTH THE STRESS AND HEAD ACHE to do it alone - if you're a landlord with bad tenants, you NEED to hire ASK Legal to represent you! Best thing about the guy is that he gives you advice eve after hours, and extra stuff that is beyond what he charges for (within reason) and charges are worth it anyway because of valuable legal help he gives you. It seems that he loves helping people out; he has done so much for us and given us peace of mind - more than money can buy, his prices are also reasonable for what he does. Remember don't try to "save" your money by doing it your self and end up losing months and months of rent and fees. As Anthony warned us even before court hearing, which he was right about, we saw so many people who tried to do their own case them selves and had their cases rejected. When it was our turn, Anthony advocated for us professionally and was prepared before the HearIng Judge with all the evidence and law! We got the eviction! Thank you for everything Anthony and May GOD Bless you and all your loved ones.

 by T. Baez

We are very happy with Mr. Kassam and his services. My family was dealing with a very difficult tenant and numerous Landlord and Tenant Board hearings that were always frustrating. We are all very happy with the outcome and would gladly recommend him.

 by M.L. Toronto
Impressive legal representation

I used Anthony of ASK Legal for my landlord tenant eviction of an extremely difficult tenant. The issues were complex as the tenant was a very difficult, however, Anthony handled everything with professionalism and prepared all the legal notices and forms. He was very knowledgeable about the law and legal procedures; in the court hearings we had, he represented me as a landlord very well. He worked tirelessly for my matter and was easily accessible, even answering me while he was on vacation. On New Year's day, he made himself available to make sure urgent papers were signed for my case. I was very impressed by him, and I would not hesitate to recommend ASK Legal to any of my colleagues. Thank you for your help in getting the tenant out!!

 by WC
Great Legal Help - Small Claims Court

I am a translator in Montreal. I contacted Anthony from ASK Legal / All Metro Legal initially 3 years ago to sue a client in the Toronto Small Claims Court. I did some research prior, and I chose Anthony of ASK Legal / All Metro Legal, after speaking to other paralegals and lawyers. I found His fees were quite reasonable, and most importantly, he provided me with excellent legal representation services. Recently, I had another Small Claims Court case in Toronto, I contacted him again - For the second case, he actually gave me a lot of useful advice to the point that I successfully got the client pay without having to sue them! I offered to pay for his time, but he refused to charge me for the time he spent on all the emails back and forth even I insisted. He is not like some paralegals that only look at your money. He thinks for the client's best interest. That's what I appreciate the most. I have recommended to my friends and colleagues.

 by Mary T.
Legal Representation Review

I would highly recommend ASK Legal as a legal firm for legal representation. From beginning to end of our legal battle with some pretty shady tenants - Anthony, our legal representative, was very Professional and thorough. He provided us with a step by step easy to follow the procedure that in the end was a complete success. Truly grateful for all his hard work.

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