Landlord Tenant Tribunal Board Representation GTA Toronto

Landlord Tenant Tribunal Board Representation GTA Toronto

Landlord Tenant Tribunal Board Representation GTA Toronto

We deal Landlord Tenant Tribunal Board Representation GTA Toronto. Landlord and tenant both have equal rights under the landlord tenant tribunal board(LTB). Renting out or moving in a house or an apartment could be problematic if one does not follow the basic guidelines given by LTB. Landlord should be aware of their rights for example, some basic rights are tenant should pay the rent on time, keep the home clean, fix or pay for the repair of things which where damage by the tenant, respecting the property of the landlord and only allowing individuals which are listed on the lease. On the other hand, tenants should be aware of their rights too for example, having a safe environment to live, landlord should provide vital services, fulfill the required heat standards, privacy, increase the rent within the legal limits and protection from illegal eviction. In order to avoid hassle, both landlord and tenant should honor the tenancy lease. However, if you feel that you are not being treated as per the law of housing and tenant act and need help in legal representation or learn more about your legal rights, Landlord Tenant Tribunal Board Representation GTA Toronto. We deliver paralegal services and representation in greater Toronto area, as well as other parts of Ontario.

Landlord Tenant Tribunal Board Representation GTA Toronto

If you are a landlord and wish to become our client then in small court claims the tribunal adheres to rules and regulations and time limits that the landlord and tenant must follow. Land lord has special responsibilities under the law, and must be careful with things such as defective notice, defective applications, illegal entries, violations of human rights of a tenant can seriously hinder your case if you are not diligent. We can help you with all of the issues with your tenants. Finally, if you are corporate landlord and you have more than one tenant we offer group services that can reduce your coast. And we can work with your tenants to achieve harmony, as the act strives to do.

On the other hand, if you are a tenant and you wish to become our client you have certain rights under the law. You also have the right among other things for instance to have the property maintained by the landlord with a reasonable time, to have guest, not to be harassed and enjoy the rented area of your unit. If your landlord has violated the law you can seek relief in the tribunal. However, there are strict guidelines that you have to follow. A tenant must be careful not to interfere with the landlord and his property. Tenant must be careful not to file a defective application or it will be dismissed by the tribunal. We can represent your rights in courts, call us for details.


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