Litigation Paralegal

Litigation Paralegal

Litigation Paralegal

Litigation paralegal is someone who has experience litigating and litigation process, from prior to litigation (trial/hearing), and during a trial hearing: disclosure, strategies, trial, examination, cross examination, and all the in between.  Our firm principle, has been litigating cases in Small Claims Court, Landlord Tenant Board, various Tribunals and Provincial Offences Court for years. As Litigation paralegal, we are experienced with the court procedure. Litigation Paralegal.  We are true Litigators and strategists. We prepare meticulously for Trial and litigation, however, we also try and settle/resolve the case before. A litigation paralegal is acquainted with the court procedure.

Litigation Paralegal

However, we can represent you in different types of litigation. For example, small claims court, provincial and traffic offences in courts, landlord tenant tribunal, work place and safety insurance and small criminal charges in Ontario court.


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Litigation Paralegal