Provincial Offences Court

Provincial Offences Court

Representation in Provincial Offences Court

We provide Representation in Provincial Offences Court. Provincial offences are minor offence (non-criminal) and are dealt with in the same courts that traffic tickets are in. In some cases the penalties are severe and the offence can even stay on your record. Depending on the type of offence you are charged with, they can create problems for your work. If you are convicted one can draw an interference that you are a dishonest. Representation in Provincial Offences Court.

There are several types of provincial offences some includes charges/summons laid under various legislation, which usually involve a penalty of fine or imprisonment if one is convicted. Some provincial offences are non-criminal and others are regulatory offences.

Provincial Offences Court

Examples of Provincial offences can include (but are not limited to);

  1. Charges for not conducting your business in accordance with the Business Practices Act or Consumer Protection Act;
  2. Not keeping a clean restaurant, food contamination, contrary to the Health Protection and Promotion Act;
  3. Not keeping your dog on a leash, dog injures or damages property, contrary to the Dog owner’s Liability Act;
  4. Being intoxicated in a Public Place, endangering yourself and others in a bar or public event, contrary to the Liquor License Act;
  5. Upon an inspection by the Fire Marshall, one could be charged with an offence of not complying with the Inspection Order (to fix, or add something to make the property safer) under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act;
  6. Selling, or offer to Sale, expose or advertise for sale, a motor or motor vehicle that does not comply with the regulations contrary to the Environmental Protection Act
  7. Receiving payments/Dishonestly from WSIB or the Government like E.I. benefits etc. and more.

Each legislation that a person can be charged under should clearly specify the offence.

Some offences require an aim component to exist to be discovered guilty. For example, if one individual planned to confer there offence or he/she was reckless about it; whilst some others are administrative offenses and don’t require that you proposed to submit the offense. As in Traffic Law in either situation the Crown must demonstrate it to make the charge stick.

Like in Traffic law, if a Police Officer has violated an induvial Charter Rights (which everyone in Canada are protected under) or he/she may been a target of racial profiling, then one can be entitled to an acquittal of the charge.

Conversely, you have Charter rights that allow you to have the right to get full disclosure of the charge and reasons, among other things, and also have a right to your day in Court and to put up a Defense. Finally, the burden to prove the case is on the Crown, So don’t just plead guilty or make a deal without having us by your side – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!


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